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UIC 2023

Missed out attending UIC 2023?

More than 930 delegates attended this year’s UIC Symposium held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 11-13th August 2023.

The mammoth collection of recordings from three days of sessions (except for the accredited training courses and Research Program) are now available through TEACH-HUB. 

• AMCA members and UIC 2023 delegates may view all of the presentations (except for the accredited training courses and Research Program) free-of-charge. If you are a UIC delegate and require access, please contact to gain access.

• Non-AMCA members or non-UIC 2023 delegates may also view the available presentations for only $100 by purchasing access to this course. 

AMCA membership provides free-of-charge access to all modules on Teach-Hub (including the UIC Symposium recordings) as well as information, advocacy and support. 

Healthcare professionals can also enjoy complimentary membership of relevant AMCA HCP Associations: Cannabis Clinicians Australia, the Australian Cannabis Nurses Association, and soon-to-be-formed association for pharmacists working with medicinal cannabis.

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Explore the available presentations in the three program streams below.

  • 7 years on – The Medicinal Cannabis landscape in Australia
    Dr Karen Gelb
  • Cannabis for PTSD….Lessons from the USA; Proof Beyond Doubt!
    Ken Sobel USA Attorney
  • Cannabis intoxication and impaired driving lessons from the Netherlands
    Prof Jan Ramaekers
  • Ethical Prescribing of CBD
    Dr Marc Russo
  • Exploring Cannabis constituents for pain relief looking beyond Delta-9-THC
    Prof Ziva Cooper USA
  • If less is more, then how much is too much? Healthy prescribing of THC and harm reduction
    Dr David Gunn
  • Integrating medicinal cannabis into care of paediatric patients with Epilepsy and Autism
    Dr Ilan Linder Israel
  • Integrative Cannabis Assisted Therapy
    Dr James Stewart
  • Managing Endometriosis with Medicinal Cannabis- The Clinical Experience
    Genester Wilson King MD
  • Managing Endometriosis with Medicinal Cannabis- The Clinical Experience
    Dr Mike Armour (includes Q&A with Genester Wilson King)
  • Medicinal Cannabis for Fibromyalgia
    Dr Janet Schloss
  • Medicinal Cannabis in supportive cancer care
    Dr Judith Lacey
  • Personal synthesis and the ECS; A transdiagnostic mechanism for how trauma breaks down ‘self.’
    Dr Jamie Rickord
  • A patient journey- An intimate chat with Senator Peter Whish Wilson
  • The potential role for cannabis in cancer treatment
    A/Prof Dedi (David) Meiri Israel
  • The Risks and Benefits of Cannabinoids for Mental Health
    Dr Paul Henderson
  • The value of real-world evidence the case for Medicinal Cannabis
    Prof Michael Lynskey UK
  • Who pays?  Insurance medicine and cannabinoid medicine in Australia
    Mr Andrew Proudfoot
  • Four in-depth panel discussions
    Medicinal Cannabis in Australia- Societal challenges and obstacles!
    Panel Discussion Should medicating with medicinal cannabis or retaining the right to drive be a choice patients have to make?
    Panel Discussion The value of real-world evidence vs. the fixation on RCTs.
    Panel Discussion: What are the ethical boundaries we wish to establish for the Australian sector and is this important?
  • Cannabis in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding- Are the alarm bells justified?
    Genester Wilson-King MD USA
  • From Illicit to legal
    A panel discussion.
  • It’s a wrap!
    Sally Jones ANMF
  • It’s a small world after all! Exploring the rise of Medicinal Cannabis
    Mary-Lynn Mathre RN USA
  • It’s OK….it’s legal!
    Simone O’Brien NP
  • Old medicine revived
    Miri Ogintz RN Israel
  • So, you want to learn about Medicinal Cannabis!
    Prof Iain McGregor
  • The Endocannabinoid System Care is the future of Nursing Care!
    Heather Manus RN USA
  • Treatment of the Geriatric Population with Medicinal Cannabis
    Inbal Sikorin RN Israel
  • Understanding the role of the Nursing and Midwives Board of Australia-
    Ms Petrina Halloran
  • A journey through the development of cannabidiol solid oral dosage forms
    Alexandru Zabara
  • A Pen is Mightier! The Rise of Vape Pens in Medicinal Cannabis
    Bryan Ebstyne
  • Adult use cannabis in Australia
    Senator David Shoebridge
  • Australian Industry Update
    Rhys Cohen & Cassandra Hunt
  • Australian Medical Cannabis Industry – is your business serving patients or profits?
    Brian Kindilien
  • BioClayTM – RNA-based platform for sustainable crop protection
    Neena Mitter
  • Cannabis cultivation producing at scale in Australia
    Max Edgley
  • Cannabis Industry Opportunities – are you ready?
    Emily Rigby
  • Cannabis research at Southern Cross University
    Andrew Kavasilis
  • Challenges and Capabilities Required to Win in the International Trade of Medical Cannabis
    Andres Fajardo
  • Cultivation Strategies to Achieve Specific Production Goals
    Nathaniel Jones
  • Development of Novel Medicinal Cannabis Products for Chronic Diseases a CRC Proposal
    Dennis Chang
  • Flowers, chemotype, symptom management
    Andre De Vorss
  • Formulation Strategies for Topical Cannabinoids
    Wanda Chin.
  • Local vs Imports – Should we go the way of the Australian car industry?
    Shane Duncan
  • Managing pests in cannabis production
    Dan Papacek
  • Marketing Compliance
    Dr Teresa Nicoletti
  • Maximising Flower returns through growing management
    Andrew Olley
  • Medicinal Cannabis in NZ
    Michelle Glass.
  • ODC & TGA regulatory update including question time
    Avi Rebera & Danielle Chifley
  • Opportunities & Challenges in Latin America
    Diego Reyes.
  • Overview on the Status of Medical and Adult Use of Cannabis in California and USA
    Ken Sobel
  • Patient monitoring with leema
    Inbal Sikorin.
  • Session from the Stanley Brothers
    Jesse Stanley & Joel Stanley
  • Soft gels fad or future
    Oliver Zugel.
  • Thailand The Rocky Road to Legalization
    Micheline Widler
  • The German Big Bang
    Oliver Zugel
  • Transparency and traceability in the Swiss cannabis pilot project
    Luc Richner.
  • Understanding the regulatory environment for cultivating & manufacturing medicinal cannabis in Australia
    Cate Hall
  • Unravelling the mysteries of medicinal cannabis testing
    Russell Kinghorn
  • Using Real-World Data to Drive Patient Outcomes and Product Safety
    Chad Walkaden
  • 6 panel discussions and roundtables:
  • Australian industry roundtable discussion – cannabis markets & opportunities.
  • Panel Discussion: Cannabis around the World
  • Growers Panel Discussion
  • A Panel Discussion: High Standards or Shady Business?
  • Product innovation panel discussion
  • Panel Discussion-The Question of Adult Use

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