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Table of Contents

A long road lessons learnt from two decades of cannabis driving research. Prof Jan Ramaekers.

A placebo-controlled RCT of THC and CBD in Tourette Syndrome. Dr Philip Mosley

Advances in cannabis plant research at AgriBio. Monika Doblin

Advancing the science of plant cannabinoids in humans. Marcel Bonn-Miller.

Anti-seizure, pro-sleep and entourage effects of plant cannabinoids in pre-clinical models. Prof Jonathon Arnold.

Cannabidiol in preclinical in vivo models of neurodegenerative disorders. Prof Tim Karl.

Cannabinoid clinical trials in Australia what we have found and where we are going next. Prof Iain McGregor.

Cannabis and pain human studies on CBD, THC and opioid sparing effects. Prof Ziva Cooper.

Clinical trials of cannabinoids in insomnia and neuropathic pain patients. Anastasia Suraev.

Conversations about Cannabis The Supply Process in Australia. Joanna Harnett.

Decreased CSF-1 secretion by cannabigerol treatment reprograms regulatory myeloid cells and reduces tumor progression. A/Prof Dedi (David) Meiri.

Effects of Cannabis and its Constituents on Driving Performance. Danielle McCartney.

Effects of medical cannabis on driving performance. Thomas Arkell.

Introducing the MINI trial Cannabis in the management of advanced paediatric cancer. Alison Bowers.

Investigating cannabinoid production in trichomes. Matthew Nolan.

Novel molecular actions of the cannabinoids and developments as antibacterial and anti-anxiety agents in preclinical models. Elizabeth Cairns.

Paving the way Conducting Phase 1 trials on minor cannabinoids and the interactions of individual cannabis constituents. Ryan Vandrey

Structural determinants of cannabinoid receptor action. Prof Michelle Glass.

Studies assessing the neuroprotective effects of cannabis constituents in vitro. Dr Scott Smid.

Synthesis of phytocannabinoids and their structural analogues. Adam Ametovski.

The Cannabis as Medicine Survey (CAMS) trends in medicinal cannabis use in Australia. Llewellyn Mills.

Who wants a longer healthspan Anti-ageing effects of cannabidiol in nematodes. Jane Wang.